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We strive to give each pup the happy, loving home they so deeply deserve. Come meet your next family member today and make a lasting difference in their life. Together we can create more incredible stories of love and friendship between families & pets!

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About Little Angel's

At Little Angel’s Dog Rescue, our focus is mainly on small to medium dogs. We do have some fosters that specialize in bigger dogs, seniors and litters of puppies. All of our dogs and puppies are current on (age appropriate) vaccinations, worming and spayed or neutered, they have gone through training if needed and exposed to fear free grooming if needed. We choose to keep our dogs in foster homes to help with decompressing from stressful situations, exposure to new experiences and to have more insight to their personalities so we can help find them a perfect family that meets their needs.

The vets that we have partnered with feel that waiting until puppies are 4 months old for spay or neuter is best. In cases of puppies that are younger than 4 months, we do have a foster to adopt program so new families are able to have their puppy at home with them (under a contract) until it is old enough for surgery. We believe educating our communities of the benefits of spaying and neutering is important and will eventually help with the overpopulation of dogs in shelters and rescues.

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Why Foster?

By fostering a pup, we provide them with the unconditional love and safe environment they deserve. Every dog should have access to the basics of comfort and security – let’s make that happen! Together, our compassion will keep these beautiful souls out of kill shelters so each one can find their happily ever after home.

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We’re always here for you! Our team is overjoyed to provide any information about our foster and adoption program, so don’t hesitate to reach out. We can’t wait to hear from you.

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